Monday, November 09, 2009

Oh so very 2!

Ever since sweet little Brennen turned 2, he has made sure he fulfills his obligation to be "terrible"! I can't look away for even 3 seconds without him getting into some kind of mischief! Pouring water everywhere, drinking soap, splashing in the toilet, and coloring himself and furniture with markers (which he always finds when I think they're put away) are some of his daily rituals. Somebody please help me! Well, here's what he did today: he tried to feed the fish all by himself, and dumped the entire can of fish food into the aquarium! I found him by a very red tank saying "too much!"
I took a picture thinking maybe someday I will see it as funny. Not today. Then, after I got the fish out and started siphoning out the water, he was trying to grab the bowl the fish were in and almost pulled it off the counter!

Now here's a funny picture! I know, I'm a bad mom to let my little guy out in the wet and cold with no pants on, but he got himself all ready to go out with Meadow and Logan. He just forgot one little detail! It was cute. He's in his new "choo choo" underwear!
Then we had a nice little picnic in the rain. (with pants on!)


Anonymous said...

hahhahahhaahahaaa! That is sooo funny! I know difficult to handle when you are in the midst of it but he is soooo cute!!! :)

love, Auntie!!

sixwickerts said...

I don't see anything wrong with your kids being out in the rain with no pants on! He's an Alaskan boy :) My kids used to run around completely naked remember that? Hang in there, be consistent, you'll be fine!