Saturday, January 26, 2008

Deal or No Deal

Last week we got to attend a live taping of the game show Deal or no Deal! For those who maybe have never seen it, here's a picture. (Logan thought it was daddy!) The contestant chooses cases to open that contain different amounts of $ from 1 cent to $1,000,000. Each amount that is opened is eliminated. After each case opening session, the banker makes them an offer, trying to get them to leave with as little as possible. They can take the deal, or open more cases and risk eliminating the big $$. The strategy is in knowing when to get out. Most people get over-confident and greedy, and end up loosing out on a lot of money. Hopefully that was a good explanation. Anyway, it was fun to be there in the set! We had really good seats right up front, so we should be seen on TV a lot! Watching it in real life is a lot different than the show. First of all there's no music or sound effects. That's all added in later. They have the ladies walk out several times to get different shots, and do retakes throughout the show. There is a guy who is in the audience of every show, who leads us on when to clap, stand, or boo. During commercial breaks they give instructions on what's coming next, and do contests, like a spelling bee, and who's had the worst job, etc. We didn't participate in any of them.
Our show was a special episode of men vs. women "winner takes all", where two contestants play. The man played first but we had to leave before he finished. When we left, he was offered $123,000, and was deciding whether or not to take the deal. On our way out Helen and I met Tamika, one of the case models, in the bathroom of all places. Helen talked to her. That's our claim to fame. She seemed nice.
We don't know yet exactly when our show will air. We have to keep checking the website for our episode #. I think it will be around the end of February or beginning of March. We will record it for anyone who would like to see us on TV! "Oooh, how exhilarating!" -New York Times


gpa john said...

I sure want to see it!

Stan, Angie, Teagan, Blake and Penelope said...

I saw a plastic surgery show with Tamika on it. She had a "couple" things done. Hope the show was great, we love the story of Matthews clothes!