Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Christmas Day

Ever since Meadow saw these in a catalog several months ago, she has wanted and fully expected to get a "back hoe" for Christmas. So Grandma and Grandpa John gave them each one (a battery operated excavator and loader with levers that really work!). Meadow gives her animals rides in it.
Meadow got a fun easel set from Grandma Cooke with paints and chalk.
After presents we have our traditional breakfast of ham, egg & cheese croissants topped with hollendaise sauce, made by chef Matthew.
Matthew made Meadow a nice twin size bed. The picture doesn't show it, but there are drawers along the bottom, and there will be a shelf headboard eventually. She liked it but when I checked on her for her first few times sleeping in it, she was back in her old bed which was still in her room in the closet! I guess she doesn't like change. She's more used to it now.
Then we went to the delicious feast at the Goulds. I guess next year I'll be the preparer of the Christmas feast at our house. It will probably take many years to get up to Sheila standards! But I've learned a lot from experiencing her many Christmas dinners and Sunday lunches!
Here are the hosts..with dad in the middle.
All 8 kids! From youngest to oldest. We should re-take this photo in 10 years!


gpa john said...

Neat pictures. Glad to finally see a new post! Wow, look at all those kids! Good to know the world is being re-popluated as us "older ones" move on down the hill.

Becky said...

I wonder what Meadow will be when she grows up - an artist - a tree hugger - a back hoe operator? She's a child of many interests. :) I love the kid pic at the bottom.

gmajohn said...

Those couch potatoes are a budding bunch! Definitely make plans for a 10 year anniversary! :)

Grandma John

Kevin said...

That is a fabulous picture. It was a great time.