Sunday, January 20, 2008

Brennen's 1st flight

Brennen took his first flight this week! He was very good! He had to wait 3 months to fly. By this age, Meadow had already gone on about 10 flights! He's a very happy, sweet little lad! (BIG lad!)


gpa john said...

Poor thing...having to wait 3 months for his first airplane ride! I only had to wait 7 days for a floatplane ride home from Ketchikan to Annette and the plane had to go to a beach near our house and the pilot had to wade and carry mom and me to the beach! Now that is roughing it. Seems to have made me hooked on aviation for life! Glad he is a happy flier too.

Auntie CJ said...

He is an AMAZING baby! Soo smiley and happy! How I loved being able to see my kiddo's for 3 days!! :) It was awesome!

I miss you Meadow, Logan, and Brennen! AND-- Rodent and Maths!

love ya guys,, Auntie Crippled

Pastor Kevin said...

Yeah as Christy said...Great picture. Never seen him looking so much like Mathew. Thanks for the Bio on Deal or NO Deal. It was a good read.