Saturday, January 26, 2008

At Auntie Christy's house

Here's Auntie Christy recovering from surgery with her new purple cast.
We had a visit from Beth and Madeline and Owen! It was nice to see them again! She got to meet Logan and Brennen for the first time. Madeline enjoyed holding Brennen.


gmajohn said...

We are very glad you came to visit, and that you let us babysit! I'm missing you all so much; hope you can come down again real soon! Weather permitting, tomorrow I'm taking the Camry to a mechanic shop to fix the backseat seatbelts in preparation for your next visit. At the moment it's raining ice and snow, and that is supposed to continue through the night, so I may not be able to get down the hill tomorrow morning. Sounds like you have all been dealing with ice and snow too. See you soon I hope, MOM

gpa john said...

I think gmajohn moved south and just didn't let me know....! I'll see if I can negotiate a future return to KTN while I am down there this next week.