Monday, October 12, 2009

New Fold Meeting

We will be starting a new Fold group next week at our house for families with young kids! Pastor Dave has asked Matthew to lead it. (Fold meetings are small group meetings that our church does that meet in homes.) We will meet early for dinner, then the kids will go next door to Krista and Stephanie's house! Our first meeting will be on Oct.22nd, a Thursday, which would also make it easier (than a Sunday) to get babysitters if parents prefer that. Matthew has started a blog "Family Fold" about it for people to check for information and updates. Here is the link, which is also in the sidebar:
I just added a little more info to the family fold blog.


Anonymous said...

wow! That's cool Rodent! :)

The Day's said...

We want to come!!! How come all the fun stuff starts AFTER we leave? Guess we'll have to come back. We do plan on visiting sometime in the spring. That sure will be fun. We really miss Clover Pass fellowship.