Monday, October 19, 2009

Little Musicians

Yesterday at church we had a wonderful, unexpected surprise! A lady asked if we needed a piano, and GAVE us this full size electric piano! She's had it stored in her garage for 5 years, and nobody has wanted it. This is something we have been really wanting for the kids, (and me!) and we have been looking into them, but they were way more than we could afford. Meadow is interested in learning music, and wants to play piano (pianyo, as she calls it) so I am excited to start teaching her! We are thankful for how God provides!! Today we got a pretty lamp to go on it! Meadow and Logan are playing a duet.

Today some sample pieces of the new platform for the church came in. (It's finally getting replaced after many years of good use!) Matthew brought them home to test them out before taking them to the church. Here's some future worship band members- Brennen on drums, Logan on guitar and lead vocals, (he was singing a very sweet song: "Jesus is in Hea-ven, Jesus is in Hea-ven...") and Meadow doing a mixture of sign language, singing, and dancing! It was lovely! Ashlen was joining in too with shrieks, AHHAAHHs, and cries. She's laying on the floor in the background. I don't quite know what part of the worship team she is!

Anyway, they determined the stage worked quite well!


gpa john said...

By the looks of that music, they must be very advanced musicians for their age. I'm not surprised a bit! They are all brilliant (of course)

Eric & Sarah said...

I love it Caren! You'll have to train up your own music group. That's wonderful about the piano. Isn't it cool how God cares so intimately about us?!
I sure miss you and your family. I miss our visits! Benaiah often talks about Mr. Matthew this and Mr. Matthew that.
Please let me know next time you'll be in the Lower 48 and maybe it will work out to get together somehow.
love, Sarah

Anonymous said...

HAhhaaa- I totally enjoyed reading those stories and seeing the kids!!! my goodness they are SOOO cute!!! :) love and miss you all!!!