Thursday, October 15, 2009

Big Boy Brennen

Now that he's two, Brennen has been really trying to be a big boy. Yesterday when we were leaving, he climbed into the van and closed the door. I found him sitting in one of the older kids booster seats with the seat belt across him (not buckled) and a big, proud smile on his face! He tries to use the bathroom by himself too, and does pretty well...except for one gross little incident...but I'll spare you from the details. Also, every night he climbs into Logan or Meadow's bed, really wanting a "big boy bed", so we took the side off his crib. He's very happy about it, but is learning the difficult lesson of staying in bed!Here's the newest member of our family, Ovino, the albino plecostomus (a sucker fish that eats algae off the sides of the aquarium). Our tank was completely green, so he was very needed! In the background you can see one of Meadow's jellyfish. We got those at the same time. They float around in the current. She thinks they are real, but kind of knows they're not. Her eyes welled up with tears as she asked, "Are they just toys? Are they not real?" It was very sad! I couldn't tell her they weren't alive. I just said they were just like real ones, but they don't eat. Logan says, "They're just pretend."

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Anonymous said...

Brennen is SUCH A big boy!!! My goodness!!! And the sucker fish story was soo cute and sad!!! Poor Meadow to find out the truth!!!! Dude- those Jellyfishes are soo cool! I can remember seeing those at the fish store!!!

I miss all of you sooooo much!!! Ahh -- I need to come up and see ya'll!

love ya, Buff