Friday, December 26, 2008

More from Christmas

Well, I seem to have loaded pictures in backward order again. Here are some tired kids in their new jammies at the end of a fun day. This year our usual gathering for dinner has changed since they all moved away, so I wanted to start a new tradition of having Christmas dinner at our house. It ended up with my parents being our only guests, because Matthew's parents are in Mexico, and friends had other plans, but it was nice to have a small group. I wanted to make it a fancy special meal, so we had soup and salad for starters, then chicken cordon bleu with a creamy wine sauce, and raspberry kiwi trifle for dessert. It was my first time making either of these, so I was glad it was just my family, but it all turned out pretty good! I think we have a new tradition!

Earlier in the day the kids and I got to play in the snow! It was so beautiful! We have about 4 inches. It's been sunny and around 20 degrees for about the last 2 weeks, Then it snowed right before Christmas!

I pulled the kids on their sleds for a while, but Brennen didn't last very long. I think his hands froze, and he just cried.

Meadow and I made this snowman yesterday.

We hope everyone had a good Christmas!


David, Jenn, and Abby said...

Merry Christmas friends!!! We sure missed you all this year. Glad to see you had a fun time with your family and hope Matthew mends quickly. Our now Happy New Years cards are on there way (we're a bit behind this year). Enjoy the snow!!!

Anonymous said...



gladbooks said...

Great pics! I like the one with the kids and the snowman best. I'm glad you had a good Christmas and started some new traditions!

Ketchikan Walkers said...

Great Christmas pictures. We had a smaller gathering this year as well as many in our family were out of town. We had a wonderful time with those that were able to join us. Your dinner sounded really yummy.

Happy New Year!

gmajohn said...

Caren learned well from Sheila's example. Dinner was really lovely, delicious, and relaxing for us guests. Thank you, Caren & Matthew ... and thank you, Sheila, for all the years of demonstrating how to do it!