Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Morning

We had a wonderful, white Christmas! It was fun this year because the kids were really excited, and finally know what it's all about. (The presents and Jesus' birth.) We opened presents to a beautiful wintery purple sunrise outside, then my parents joined us for breakfast. I made blueberry french toast casserole. Here are some pics from the day. Meadow is wearing her fairy wings while she paints a horse which is from a "paint your own horse" set we gave her.
Brennen didn't really open any presents, but he sure enjoyed playing with them. We gave him a drum set which he loved! He knew exactly what to do!
Cute brothers

Matthew had a bit of a different Christmas this year. He is recovering from knee surgery which he had two days ago. It was from an old soccer injury that has become worse and very painful over the past few years with all the work he does on his knees. The Dr. found that he has torn cartilage in his knee, so they cut out the damaged areas. He has had to spend the last two days with his knee higher than his heart to keep swelling down, but he's recovering very well.
He's enjoying learning to play his new ukulele. It's solid acacia wood and sounds very nice.


Anonymous said...

awesome pics Ro... It's fun to see the progress of the Christmas day! :)

Pickrell Pirates said...

I love Meadow in her fairy wings. She's so darling! And I'm VERY glad to see Matthew training our next drummer already. :P