Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Matthew update

Matthew has been working on our very old downstairs bathroom. Here he's peeling off the gross plastic shower walls that were peeling and oozing gunk from behind. We will be replacing it with tile, a new tub, and new flooring!

The first day of destruction went really well until this... Isn't that disturbing!! Yikes! While quickly stapling down a piece of fabric (with a hammer staple gun or whatever it's called) that goes under the new tub, he stapled his finger. One end went through, the other into the bone! So we spent the evening at the ER!
It healed quickly!

This is a lovely picture of what I would like our bathroom to look like! Well, maybe a simpler version of it!

And without a window of course..a window would only provide a not so relaxing view of our garage. But the bath will fill from the middle of the ceiling, like this one does!
Also shortly after starting the project, Matthew got hired as our church caretaker! This year we decided not to renew his contractor license, because we feel like God is leading us to other things...not quite sure what yet, but the caretaker job came available, and he is enjoying it! Although now our bathroom is taking much longer to finish than expected! That's ok. He still also works part time for Alaska Air.

He also has been involved in starting a new ministry at our church called The Upper Room. (Similar to the Monthly Grind, for those who are familiar with that.) It is a monthly night of music and performing arts featuring different local christian musicians, and occasionally will host other visiting musicians. Ketchikan is a very "artsy" town, and we see the need for a Christian venue for this kind of thing with the goal of getting all the churches together so we can get to know each other better, and minister to the rest of the community as well! Afterwards everyone goes to the little red church for dessert and fellowship! The first one was last month featuring singer/songwriter Barry Bynum from Texas, and it was a wonderful time! Unfortunately I don't have any pictures to post because Brennen and I were home sick during it! :( But I'll put pics of the next one on March 3.

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