Thursday, December 22, 2011

Family Christmas Picture

Well friends, I'm obviously not going to get Christmas cards sent out by Christmas, so I'll just post a family picture on here and say Merry Christmas from the Cooke family! Here's the "best" picture we got. I was inspired from my sister Katie's blog post with their family pictures, where she posted some of the less perfect ones because they more accurately show the kids personalities. ( ) They managed to do a bit better than us with 13 kids! So I'm posting ours too. They're pretty funny.

"We can't see you, but merry Christmas anyway!"

Such a lovely shot... the bare feet, the messy shelf, the random all adds to the composition, don't you think? (and all those things are around Brennen, which definitely captures his personality!)

And this one could have been great...if it wasn't for Brennen half sitting on Logan's head, making him look like a Frankenstein! Well, you can pick which picture you like best and that can be your Christmas "card". Have a Merry Christmas everyone! :)


Jennifer Caskey said...

I would have to say the first one even though brennen is being antisocial in it! :)

gpa john said...

1 and 5 are best for me, but I like you posting them all!

Auntie Christy said...

That is awesome!! Thanks for posting them!!! Super super cute!! :)

Kathy said...

Thanks for posting thate great family photo! The first one is really good but like you say, the others are definitely fun, too. What a great looking family you are. HAPPY NEW YEAR! :)