Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sunny Seattle

Matthew had a bit of time between building jobs, so we decided to come out from under the clouds, and go to Seattle for a few days of fun in the SUN! Of course, just as we were getting ready to board our jet, the power went off again in during another storm! And yes, it was a rather scary, bumpy ride!

We visited auntie Christy and my long lost parents who are also visiting there. Our first day we went up the Space Needle, which is something Logan has wanted to do for a while. I think the kids were a little dissapointed that it didn't actually go to space.

Beautiful Meadow! (I was having fun with a special effects photo app on my iphone, as you can see.)

City view from the top.

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gladbooks said...

Love all your family pics! The kids are getting big. Meadow's hair is so long!! Glad you get to enjoy your travel benefits. :)