Tuesday, October 05, 2010

September things

In September more friends moved away. Ryan and Stephanie went to Destin, FL for a new Coast Guard post, and Carla and Steve transferred to Oregon for the Forest Service. Sad for us, but good for them!
Logan misses his buddy Gavin. Throughout the month, the kids played lots of games of "The Movers Are Coming". Saying goodbye to friends seems to be a way of life around here.

Matthew finished the main part of our new deck! It is beautiful! It has glass for the railing across the front. Logan was a faithful helper!
My dad had his last ride in the yellow helicopter, and is now retired from the Forest Service! (but I guess not officially till the end of the year.) So now he will have lots of babysitting opportunities! The kids went to say goodbye to their precious Yellowcopter before it headed back to Juneau. Watching that helicopter slinging things was the highlight (ha ha!) of their summer!


gpa john said...

Great pics, Caren. Yup I have retired. I will burn up my leave until December 3rd which is my last official day. My last day of work was September 30th. Yea, I might hang out with those kids once in a while...

Christy said...

wowwwwww!!!! those are awesome pictures! I have been waiting for those to come on here!! thanks for posting them! Hope you are feeling well soon- I can't believe that you have been sick for so long!