Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Some things

Matthew and his little building crew are building us a NEW DECK!! I'm excited! It will be bigger and less moldy than the one we have now, and there will be stairs (and I'm hoping for a slide) down to the yard! Here the workers are mixing cement for the footings. Brennen was fired after only about 2 minutes for throwing sawdust into the mix! Logan just stood by, overseeing the operation.Then they made hand print signatures to show that they helped.
This past month we have had wonderful, sunny, springlike weather! Here are some pictures from playtime on our friend Kristi's beach.
Ashlen thought the sand was delicious, and had a feast!
Then she tried to go for a swim! Mommy friends-Laura, Robin, and Kristi. Happy 3/2/10!

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Buffy said...

awesome pics ro!!!