Monday, March 08, 2010


Wondering what the title stands for? Fabulous Family Fold Fondue Fellowship Fun! Sunday night our FOLD group met for dinner. Each time we get together, we have a different meal theme that everyone contributes to. This time was Fondue! We had an oil one for meats, some yummy cheese ones, and some dessert ones- notice the chocolate fountain! I like this picture with the two bald guys of our group, Steve and Matthew. Stephanie, Carla, Krista What makes this a Blog-worthy event is the fact that we had 40 people at our house! 21 adults and 19 kids- who all but 4 of them are under age 4! In this picture there are 19 people. Here are some of the kids.
I like this happy action shot! This was running with a purpose, they weren't just running wild. All the kids played very nicely together. We were actually shocked afterward when we counted up how many kids there were, because it didn't seem all that crazy!

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christy said...

wowwwww THAT is incredible!!!!!!! :) My goodness! :)