Friday, January 01, 2010


We had a wonderful Christmas! The kids came upstairs in the morning to find the door to the playroom wrapped like a present. They stopped and stared for a while, not sure what to think of it. Wise old Meadow is saying in this picture (which is an image from a video), "I think it's a door." Finally they peeled back the paper and ran inside to find their main gifts from us! Brennen got a real child sized drum set, Logan a firetruck, and Meadow a mermaid castle for the bath. Meadow and Logan acted very excited, but Brennen casually went up to the drums and started drumming like it was just normal to have a drum set! It was Ashlen's first Christmas. She just got good at crawling a few days before, so she had fun joining in with whatever the big kids were doing.
Meadow was so happy to find this winged horse in her stocking! She had quite a reaction! :) Logan was happy to have a new hat and matching sweater knitted by Matthew's aunt. He loves wearing hats and sweaters! After present opening, the grandparents arrived with their presents. Then we all had a yummy breakfast made by Matthew! Later on they came back for dinner.


Auntie Christy said...

i've been WAITING for soooooo long to see these pics!! That's awesome Rodent! looks like Christmas was sooo awesome! :) Wish I could have been there!!

Anonymous said...

We did indeed have a wonderful Christmas. GP Cooke