Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Fun Pics

Here's our picture from Splash Mountain at Disney World. This and Pirates of the Caribbean were the only "big kid" rides we went on. We waited 75 minutes in line for it! Meadow was very brave to go on this one, but when we went down the big water fall she hid! Christy is trying to hold her up. Afterward she said it was fun and wanted to go again! That's William and David in front, Christy and Meadow, Matthew making a silly face for the camera, and me. (We don't know the people in the back.)

This picture is from a "sketching" machine at Chuck E. Cheese's. We had fun with it. I thought this picture was cute! I just wish the rest of Logan's face was there. Meadow looks so beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Cute pics!! Meadow is soooo BEAUTIFUL!!! :)

gpa john said...

Could you fill in the rest of Logan's face and realign the picture somehow? That is a good one!