Monday, September 21, 2009

Daddy Time

The boys love to help daddy with fire wood. Although, Logan prefers to give the instructions rather than do the work! Today I guess they weren't feeling very strong.
Ashlen is getting a building lesson during her first trip to the garage.


Chris, Kirsten, Carson, and Kailee said...

We miss winter, can't wait to move somewhere with seasons.

Anonymous said...

Cute pics Ro! :) I HOPE I can see all the kids SOOOON! I'm still hopin! :)

gma john said...

The kids worked real hard with Grandpa John today loading wood into the truck, driving it up to the house, and unloading it into the area near the woodstove. Even Brennen worked as though he were being paid to do it. He actually gave me some instructions as to where to put my armload of wood!