Monday, April 20, 2009

Sisters & Brothers

Meadow is a very good big sister! She wants me to have 20 babies!

Another attempt at a picture of all 4 kids. Oh well, maybe we'll manage to get one by the time they're in high school!..Or will someone still be fussing?


Nanette said...

Great pics, Caren! Thanks for letting my hold Ashlen on Sunday (especially since I missed the shower!) See you soon when I stop by to get my pot. Take Care! Nan

Pickrell Pirates said...

Wow! 20 babies?! Well... I can see it. JUST KIDDING! Meadow is a good big sister. She'll learn pretty quickly when she gets old enough to babysit that brood. Boy, Sean STILL holds the whole "wooden spoon" incident over my head.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure that 20 would be a good thing, but more would be OK.

GP Cooke

Anonymous said...

I love your beautiful kid pictures!! :)