Monday, April 13, 2009

The Arrival of Cookie Doh

Amazing! Beautiful Ashlen Rain was born naturally (not induced like all the others!) on her due date, April 10th, which was Matthew's birthday! She weighed 7# 9oz and was 20" long. I couldn't ask for anything more perfect, except I should have known better when to leave for the hospital! After having regular contractions all day, I spent the evening at my parents house which is closer to the hospital in case I needed to go in. Fortunately the kids spent the night there. Around midnight my contractions were 8-12 minutes apart, but didn't seem all that strong, so I called the hospital to see if I should come in, and the nurse told me to wait till they were 5-2 minutes apart! (Very bad advice for a 4th baby on someone with fast labors!) So we went home to sleep, which I didn't much. At around 5:10 AM I got up to use the bathroom and suddenly my 10 minute not so bad contractions got very strong and came every 3 minutes! By the time I got back to bed, I was feeling the need to push! We got out the door as fast as we could, and Matthew sped to the hospital. It was scary thinking the baby might really be born in the car, and then in the elevator as Matthew pushed me in a wheelchair up to OB. It still makes me shudder to think about it! We made it to the room, and that same nurse kept telling me not to push because the midwife wasn't there yet. "Just breathe through it." I hate that! I'd been "breathing through it" for the last half hour! Then a nurse with many years of experience came in and told me to go ahead. After 1 big push Ashlen was born at 5:46 AM less than 10 minutes after arriving to the hospital! The midwife arrived a few minutes later. Oops!
Anyway, enough of the details... here she is about a half hour old! We were very happy to have another girl!

First bath. She hated it!

One of the few times she opened her eyes.

Good daddy changing the first diapers.


Pickrell Pirates said...

Good job! It's amazing how perfectly God answered all of the prayers for you. What an immense blessing. I think God's trying to teach me something, and unfortunately I'm not getting it, so that's why things are going so slow for me. It's all good. She's beautiful. Congrats to the whole family.

Anonymous said...

What an AMAZING STORY!!! I am soooo glad it all worked out Rodent! What a beautiful baby! :) Make sure you put lots of pics up!! I am missing OUT! :)

Bethany said...

I love a good birth story. Thanks for sharing, Caren. She's beautiful.

Eric & Sarah said...

What a great story Caren! I don't think I care to top that when we have another.
Ashlen is simply perfect!

~Stew~Becky~Petal~Sawyer~& Finn ~ said...

YAY!!! Congratulations!! I haven't checked your blog in a while . . .and what wonderful news!!! What a beautiful baby girl (with such a beautiful name too) Good for you -- ONE push!!! I got each twin in TWO pushes and I thought that was good! You are superwoman, Caren. :)

Anonymous said...

What a story ... and a beautiful daughter! Congratulations!

~ Grant & Karen

Jennifer Caskey said...

Man I wish that was my story! Took me an 1 1/2 hours of pushing both times. :) See you on Saturday!