Saturday, February 28, 2009

Seattle trip

We just arrived home after a fun, quick trip to Seattle. Here are a few pictures of our adventures.

The kids looked cute carrying their backpacks in the airport.

We went to a Thomas and Friends Live show at Key Arena. The kids loved seeing the trains. It was a pretty good show, but the kids would have liked it better if there was more train movement, and a little less people dancing and singing. The stage area was fairly small, and we were kind of far away. But they enjoyed it.

The carousal at the Auburn super mall is a favorite activity when we visit. This was actually our first stop after we arrived on Friday.

Another favorite place is the park by Auntie Christy's house. We had just a few minutes to play before heading to the airport. The kids made sure they went on everything.

Grandma and Grandpa Cooke, who were in Seattle for the Radford's wedding, were on our flight coming home. Boys on one side of the plane, girls on the other.
It was a nice time for Meadow and Logan. They of course loved seeing Auntie Christy and Farley the cat. Next time we travel we will have 4 kids!


gpa john said...

And I got to see you guys at the Seattle airport too as you were leaving and I was arriving! I did find Christy...or she found me. Glad you all had so much fun! Brennen was great!

gladbooks said...

Looks like you had lots of fun! Your kids sure are growing.

Anonymous said...

Gosh,,, I just miss you all soooo much!! COME BACK AND VISIT ME!!!!!!!

love ya, Auntie Christy