Friday, February 06, 2009

The Great Exciting Outing

Well, we haven't had much to add to our blog lately, and I've hardly even taken any pictures since Christmas! We have all been sick with the bad cold that is going around. Other than grandma's houses, we haven't been out and about much. So, here's a new post and some pictures to show we're still alive.
Desperate to get out of the house, we went on a little outing. Not really that exciting, but it was all I could think of. First we went through the car wash. At first they liked watching it, but the noise scared Logan and Brennen a little.Next we took some boxes to the recycling bin. Meadow is really into recycling lately, (she learned about it from Blue's Clues) so we helped save the planet, and reduced our carbon footprint. We are good people.
Then we went for lunch at the grocery store, (another thing Meadow gets excited about) before heading back home for naps.
It turned out to be simple but fun!


Stew Becky and Petal said...

Oh, Caren -- I can relate! It's the simple things that kids enjoy anyway. I wish we lived close so we could all play together! We never knew each other with kids. :)

gladbooks said...

When I worked as a nanny (when I lived in WA), I remember that going to the mall or the grocery store was something exciting to look forward to. So I can understand a bit! Glad you are creative and are finding fun things to do in winter-time Ketchikan!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a really fun day! I know it wasn't anything big but thats sometimes the best so you can just enjoy getting out and being together! :) Wish I could have joined you! I would have had a blast toooo! Can't wait to see the kids sooooon! Auntie Christy