Wednesday, August 08, 2007

my name poll

My baby name poll made it on the babycenter homepage today! If you want to check out the votes and read what people are saying just go to and you'll see the link to it halfway down the page toward the left. **UPDATE** for those of you who are not a member of babycenter, you will have to enter your email address on the log in page. You don't have t0 put in a due date, or fill in the member profile if you don't want to become a member. Then it should take you to the main homepage. If you don't get to it today, click on the current name poll they have then find where it says "see featured name polls", and you'll find it. The comments are pretty much what I expected, with some good suggestions too! People have suggested Willow, which I like, and someone actually suggested Dane River! (I like River! Matthew doesn't.) I'm starting to re-think the middle name Rain. Maybe make that the first name?


Becky said...

Raine is my favorite of all your name choices! But I like it with an e for a girl's name. Or Rhain for a boy. :) I can't seem to find your baby name poll on the home page. Do I have to log in to do that?

6wickerts said...

Rain for a boy??? Really?? I still like haley for a girl and either Dylan or Brennan for a boy.

Becky said...

I saw the name Rhain for a boy on the news - there's an amazing nine-year-old soccer player from Australia that just got signed on with Manchester United, his name is Rhain Davis. I thought it sounded cool. Type his name into Google, you can see him on YouTube.