Tuesday, August 07, 2007


We are "trying on " a new dog! This is Keelie. He's a chocolate lab about the same age as Bingo. He's very good and mellow, but he smells very doggish, and needs to lose some serious weight! He takes pills for arthritis and seizures, which I think we won't continue...Losing 10 lbs. should help a lot with the arthritis, and if he happens to have a seizure, we'll give him a pill. We'll see. He belongs to a lady that works at Alaska Airlines, who is moving in a few months and can't take him. She's been trying to find him a good home but nobody has wanted him, so we said we'd try for a while. It didn't get off to a good start, because in his excitement about exploring a new place, he ran away, and went swimming and apparently drank some saltwater. When he came back, he threw up his dinner, then started shooting water out his bum!! AAHHH! (outside fortunately!) He did this for quite a while then I guess he got it all out and has been back to normal ever since! I was worried, wondering if it really was saltwater or if he was very sick! If we decide to keep him, he'll be an outside/garage dog for a while until he gets to smelling better. Bingo was the same way when we got him. Fat and stinky! The first time he came in the house I followed him around spraying Fabreeze! If there's anyone out there that wants Keelie, let us know! Here is a subliminal message: you want to buy our Jetta! It's a nice, cool car for a good price! $9300! Buy it! Buy it!


Becky said...

You are a good storyteller, you had me laughing out loud. Hope Keelie turns out to be a good (smelling) addition to the family!

gma john said...

I think Keelie would make a nice addition to a family who doesn't already have a big dog who likes lots of attention. He's a really nice dog, but you already have a really nice dog. Think of what will happen when winter comes and it's too cold to stay outside.