Tuesday, May 08, 2007

New Spud Picture

Yesterday I had my 20 week ultrasound. Spud looks great! He/she (we didn't find out!) was wiggling all over the place so our pictures weren't very good. "He" (just to simplify) had his feet over his head and was grabbing them with his hands! It's pretty amazing to be able to see that! Spud weighs about 1 lb. I still think it's a girl from the heart rates (supposedly girls have faster rates, and it was true of Meadow & Logan). Anyone have any good boy names suggestions just in case? If its a girl, right now we like the name Ashlen Rain. That could change though.

If you're wondering why Matthew would want a HUGE step van, it's for his new construction business, Fine Line Custom Carpentry. He wanted something he could always keep his tools in, where they won't get wet, and be able to stand up in it to do some of the work. It should be very useful! Later he hopes to get a small old truck or something just to get around so he doesn't always have to drive the big one.
Our cars are still up for sale........somebody PLEASE buy them! :)

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Jean Daum de Sanchez said...

This child is really determined to look like an Alien - I think Mister Spock is a good name for a boy