Monday, May 14, 2007

My Poor Boy!

Saturday night little Logan took a dive out of his crib, head first into a garbage can! When I went in to rescue him, all I could see were two little legs sticking out from amongst the garbage (just papers and stuff)! As you can see, his head bonked something on the way down. Poor little guy! (But it was pretty funny!) He cried for about 2 minutes, then wanted to play, so he was just fine! I'm just beginning to learn about being a mommy to a boy! -Very different from a gentle, cautious girl!

One of the fun things we do outside is color with chalk on the concrete in front of our garage. In just a few weeks, we'll actually have a yard to play in too! And a deck!

Matthew is in California with his dad having a step van driving marathon! So far they've gone about 200 miles. The van is even bigger than Matthew thought! (taller with HUGE wheels). It runs well, but can only go up to 55 mph, and is slow up big hills. The trip might take a little longer than they expected!


gpa john said...

Poor Logie! Yea, I am looking forward to seeing that van tomorrow afternoon in seattle.

Auntie Christy and Gma John said...

Poor Logan!!!! We would give you big kisses if we were there with you! You'll have to come visit us!

We love and miss you both soo much!
Love Grandma and Auntie

6wickerts said...

Poor little Logie!! Boys are very different from girls!! Poor Leah doesn't stand much of a chance at being a girly girl with all of her brothers :)

5Mutarts said...

The expression on Logie's face is like, "you are taking a picture of it?" Our boys have recieved a few goose eggs and just asked me today if they could climb the nieghbors tree! Lots and lots of prayer, how do people raise boys without it? =)