Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Here's a picture from today of our porch and a flower pot desperately awaiting flowers.
Here's what we saw in Seattle last week: beautiful blossoming trees, flowers, grass, and the SUN! It was actually warm enough not to wear a coat! The air smelled like fragrant blossoms and leaves! It was so nice! Not a flake of snow. Then we came home to a snowy windstorm. Oh well. I bet people in the rest of the world don't appreciate the warm sun as much as Ketchikanians!


Becky said...

Yes, we get excited over five minutes of sunshine! I like the snow, but I must admit I am hoping for some warmer weather and some flowers in my flowerpots soon.

gmajohn said...

Sounds like you have a bad case of cabin fever! Spring is coming ... it really is. We need to cultivate springtime in our hearts, then we'll see it bursting out all over. Today the airport ferry deckhand told me there's a huge flock of robins downtown. That's a sure sign!