Friday, September 01, 2006

Off to Seattle

We are leaving tomarrow morning for Seattle. We will be staying with Christy and hopefully doing some fun things like going to the zoo! The weather there is in the 80's! Meadow is excited. Every time she hears a jet take off, she says, "Seattle, Farley, Annie!" (Christy's two cats.) Of course, EVERY jet is going there to visit Farley and Annie. Here's a picture of Logan who just learned how to sit up! Well, we will be back Tuesday. Then I'll put on more pictures. Bye bye!


Becky said...

Have fun with Farley and Annie! And Christy, too, of course. :) Tell Christy hi for me. See you next week!

6wickerts said...

Hope you have fun!! We had a great time :)