Friday, September 15, 2006

It's A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

Yup, I think we live in the best neighborhood in town with a beautiful beach to play at! Meadow was very busy finding various things to throw in the water. Then a cruise ship went by and she said "get it..." as she walked into the water!


Jeremy and Kristi said...

What a fun day! I miss living by you guys and the Sunset beach :(

Thanks for the awesome chowder last night!

Ken said...

You really left us hanging!!! Did Meadow ever get the cruise ship? Could be the start of a great new movie. If she inherited the Cooke determination, I feel sorry for the people on the ship but there was nothing on the news this morning so she probably threw it very gently.

gmajohn said...

There's a sense of continuum ...hmm, continue-um ... with these photos. We have similar shots of you on the very same beach, looking much the same, only you were a little more like Bingo in that you would not stay out of the water!