Thursday, August 17, 2006


I know last names used to come from a person's occupation, but now I find it amusing when people have a job that matches their name. I've been keeping a list of such matches for a long time. I promise these are all real. I've either read them or seen them on TV (documentaries and stuff, not movies or sitcoms).
Steve Carpenter - General Contractor
Mike Stone - stone tile expert
Dwight Stampflee - former postmaster
Gay Pressman - news reporter
Mrs. Paige - Librarian
Dr. Gary Alter - plastic surgeon


All Us Poets said...

Let's see, I can think of a few...
Dr. Bliss (Dentist in Ktn)
Pastor Bob Grace (Ktn)
Dr. Bogges (pronounced bogus) Oregon

Anonymous said...

What about Pastor Mercy?

Miller Time said...

Great list Caren!! The only one I can think of was a Dr. Slaughter in Klamath Falls. He was an oral surgeon....kinda scary!

gmajohn said...

The Tongass Forest Supervisor used to be Win Green; currently it's Forrest Cole. Matthew Cooke is known for his cooking skills. Dr. Pain used to live in Juneau. Becky English teaches english.