Saturday, August 05, 2006

Blueberry Festival

Today was the annual Blueberry arts festival. My
mom and I went to look with the kids. It was very crowded and had the usual people there selling their crafts. This year I finally entered the juried art show. One of my drawings got an honorable mention and the people's choice award! The penguin drawing didn't win anything though. I think people consider pencil drawings as just a sketch, and don't realize how difficult and time consuming it is to make it as detailed and smooth as the ones I draw. I was kind of expecting that. One of the pictures shows the second place winner, which was a watercolor of a bird. First place was a quilt, which was fairly nice, but how do you judge a quilt against a drawing or painting? They should have a separate category for 3D items. The third place winner was a large oil painting of a guy rowing a boat on some gray water with a gray sky. There were other oil paintings that I liked better, but BIG things always seem to win. (sorry artist if you're reading this, just my opinion)


Anonymous said...

GOOD ONE! Impressed... wow gold opportunity.

Becky said...

I really like the penguin drawing, it's beautiful. I'm glad you're posting so often, it's really fun to read everyone's blogs and to see what's going on at home. See you next week!!! :)

6wickerts said...

Caren, I think the judges are a little off!! I think your pencil drawings are amazing, and I agree they shouldn't lump everything into one category that is a little lame!

Miller Time said...

Caren, I think it's great that you entered your work in the art show!! You have an amazing gift!!

Derek Linder said...

I think pencil drawings are sweet, and judging by the few times I have tried it, much more difficult than painting. Maybe we'll get you to do a print for the front of Grumman Amphibians!

Eric & Sarah said...

personally, I think yours should have won. I mean, I didn't see the others, but I know how wonderful your sketches are. I love the penguin sketch!
I can't believe we've missed the whole summer up there, but look forward to seeing you guys soon.
Logan sure has grown!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Caren, I never knew you are an artist. Ever think about teaching and art class 1-2 times a week at CPCS? That would be awesome. You have an great talent. Sharon Cropp

the Very! Excited! Parents! said...

Caren, AWESOME drawings. I am so excited that you entered them. I love penguins. This is Jolene Becke (Gibson) by the way. I saw your name on Sitnews so then I had to Google you (is that weird? i do it to everyone, don't worry!)cause I got to thinking about you and lo' and behold I found your blog.
Your kids are super cute too!
Do you remember in highschool you drew a frog in my yearbook? You took it home overnight and everything. Did I ever tell you that my first semester in college I went and got a tattoo of the very same frog? Yes, yes I did. Now my son Elliot likes to try and pick it off my ankle. Very cute, that.

Anyhow, just saying Hi and stuff.
Take care, Tell Matt Hi!

the Very! Excited! Parents! said...

oh, my blog* is
if you wanna swing on by.

*warning, lots and lots of baby pictures!!!

Christy said...

They are beautiful drawings Caren! I know we have always been in competition for being the best artist... I guess you WIN! :) hahahaa (my father's days cards are coming along quite well!