Monday, June 19, 2006

Logan's Dedication

Last Sunday at church we dedicated Logan to God. It's to show that we will raise him to know about God and to live a life that honors him. Of course Logan will have to make the choice to follow Jesus when he's old enough, but we will do our part as parents to be sure that he does! After Pastor Kevin prayed for Logan, Matthew thanked everyone for their support and all the gifts they've given.


gmajohn said...

We are so blessed that all five of our precious grandchildren have been dedicated to God, and that their parents are committed to teaching them to know Him, love Him, and serve Him with their whole hearts. This blog is a beautiful diary of important events in Meadow & Logan's lives. Thanks for making it so dynamic!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Logan! :) You have 2 great parents and a family tht will help grow you in the way you should grow! :)

Maths: nice tie! I like that one... It's "posh" :)

Ken and Bonnie said...

Matt and Caren,

We'll help!

Ken and Bonnie