Monday, December 26, 2005

Poor Bingo Almost Died!

Last week Bingo ate some slug poison when he went out early in the morning. When Matthew left for work around 5:30 am, he found Bingo out by his car trembling really bad. He thought maybe he was just really cold or scared because he'd been out for a couple hours so he brought him inside, but Bingo could barely walk. His back legs wouldn't work. After a few minutes he wanted to go back out and practically fell down the stairs. I tried giving him water but he wouldn't drink. He was salivating a lot. I found an online vet site where you can ask questions and they will answer you right away, and if you're satisfied with the answer, you pay $5.00. They answered me within 2 minutes! They said it was definitely something toxic that he got into and would need to see a vet immediately! Unfortunately the vet didn't open for another 3 hours! Matthew came home from work to take him. Bingo had wandered down to the beach and was curled up under a tree ready to die! It was so sad!! Matthew had to carry him up from the beach. He took him to the vets a little early and the vet happened to be there. He knew instantly that it was slug bait. They started him on fluids, and sedated him to stop the shaking. He ended up spending 2 nights there ($$!!!), but amazingly recovered! The vet said most dogs don't make it. We prayed for Bingo, so that's why! We think the poison was put there on purpose, because the next day another dog in our neighborhood was poisoned the same way, and there are no slugs in December! Bingo is now fully recovered, but I think it aged him a bit. Poor Bingo.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bingo, We are so glad you are doing well now, we were worried for awhile. Don't eat anything else, other than what your family gives you. I know that Meadow and Meadow's mummy and daddy are really glad you are better and so are we (Mike and Chris)

Ken and Bonnie said...

Matt, Caren, Meadow, and Bingo,

Bonnie and I are here with Derek in Logan. We just took him to work so we are going to get a few things done around his place.

We missed being up there for the candlelight and Christmas services. We also hated to miss Adam and Kristina's wedding. Hope things went well.

Have a great last day of 2005 and a super new year! We'll see you soon.

Ken and Bonnie

David and Jenn said...

Long live Bingo, my second favorite dog.

gma john said...

The photo of Bingo on the beach is GORGEOUS!