Monday, December 19, 2005

Meadow's First Birthday!

Saturday, December 10th was Meadow's Birthday! We celebrated at grandma & grandpa Cooke's house. She had lots of people come! Both sets of grandparents, the Wickerts with their 4 kids, Pastor Kevin & Sheila, David & Jenn, and Kristina Hale (soon to be Day!). Grandma made tacos for everyone (except Meadow, she had a Gerber li'l entrees meal instead). Then It was time for cake. I made her a strawberry cake with flowers on it. When we lit the candle and everyone sang, Meadow just looked at us like "what on earth are you doing?!" I ended up blowing out her candle. She livened up though when she got her own HUGE piece of cake! She grabbed it in her fist and shoved it all in! Then She squealed with delight and pointed for more! (Daddy obliged, AND gave her ice cream!) After cleaning up her lovely mess, we moved over to the prezzie pile. Meadow found a book on the floor that she wanted to read instead, so she cried when I took it away and handed her a present! She only did a little tearing, mostly she wanted to play with each new thing and got tired of me constantly handing her something else. She hadn't taken her afternoon nap, (she screamed for 1/2 an hour instead, which is unusual for her) so she was really tired. Afterward we all went to the Singing Christmas Tree. Most of the group was singing in it, but Meadow, mommy & daddy, and grandma & grandpa John went to watch. Meadow quickly fell asleep. It was a fun day. -Caren

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beth said...

Meadow is so cute. Sounds like she had a great birthday! :)