Saturday, May 05, 2012

...Then Seattle

In March Matthew was asked to help with new station openings for Alaska Air. This means when they add a new destination, he will go help train the ground crew on Alaska procedures before the flights start coming.  So he was sent to Kansas City, MO for a few days to learn what to do, and I got to go along! His parents stayed with the kids and dog. I'll do a post about that trip eventually, but he also got me a really nice new camera (as an anniversary/birthday/Christmas present for the next few years) so here are a few photos as I tried it out in Seattle on our way back from Kansas City. These are artistic photos, not just snapshots of our trip, thus the purposeful blurriness.
Some street photography in downtown Seattle:
This picture says that life is blurry when you're focused on men...haha
"How deep..." --New York Times

Christy has a new job...

She loves her city!

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