Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sunny In Seattle

Last week, we finally gave up on seeing summer time sun and warmth here in Ketchikan, so our family and my parents came out from under the clouds to warm, sunny Seattle for a couple days. We just wanted to have a bit of nice family time before school starts. We all invaded "the Chrusty Hotel" (Christy's house) and had fun visiting the usual playgrounds and mall with the carousal. The next day we went to Alki beach. It's a nice area to visit, and the kids loved watching jets taking off overhead and ferries going by. They spent hours digging in the sand. I already put this picture on facebook, but I like this one of the boys.

Each one wanted to be buried in the sand!
Then were quite covered when they got up!

We ended our lovely day with a stop for ice cream at Baskin Robins, then headed off to the airport to come back to the clouds and rain. Meadow got her lovely golden locks cut while we were there. Her hair was always getting in a huge knot, so we decided it was time. Here's the before and after! She's lovely with the shorter hair too, and she likes it because she can brush it herself instead of mommy's painful brushing!

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chrusty said...

awesome pics ro!!! :) loved EVERY min of it!! wish it could happen again! :)