Sunday, February 06, 2011

Decorating for Christmas

The kids are showing off their stockings:

Meadow...with Sluggy the slug peeking out Logan
Brennen...with mom and dad's stockings on his feet Ashlen putting hers on
Then my octopus of children "helped" with decorating the tree. I call them my octopus because there were 8 eager arms reaching and grabbing and throwing things in all directions! It was all rather crazy for a while, but we got the job done, and only broke about 5 glass balls. Trying to settle everyone down, I had them do nice calming waterpaints while I finished cleaning up. A few minutes later I found Meadow putting on "make up" and of course all the others copying her. Then just as I was about to have them all clean up, daddy came home and let them paint his bald head!

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chrust said...

those picss are great!!!!! thanks Rodent!!!! :)