Saturday, May 22, 2010

Logan's B-day!

Logan turned 4 on April 20! And he's very proud of it! We had a family party a few days before, where we gave him a bike! He loves it, but finds it hard to push the petals. He'll hopefully get lots of practice this summer! On his actual birthday he had a kid party after school. He wants to be an astronaut and fly a space shuttle when he grows up, so we gave him an astronaut party, with a shuttle cake, and space ice cream (which is freeze dried). He wanted me to save the last little pieces of the ice cream so he could take it on the space shuttle when he goes to space! :) Here are some of his friends and their moms having lunch.
Singing Happy Birthday. The candles were the fire in the engines. The cake. It was my first time using fondant icing. It actually turned out better than I had expected!


Anonymous said...

Wow, Caren, you are doing a super job decorating these cakes!! jan

gma john said...

That cake is fabulous! How do you do it???

Christy said...

unbelievable!!!! NICE job!!!!! :)