Saturday, April 03, 2010

More Colorful Church Foyer

Our church foyer was recently redone, and I thought all you mover-awayers would like too see it. The main wall is a lovely green, with a beautiful cross made by Bud Schultz (I think). Mischa painted the words.
Here's where the bulletin boards used to be. Each of these frames has a missionary family's info on it, with their newsletters hanging down below. It looks really nice! The Pattisons made beautiful new trim around all the doors and floor. The old bulletin board is now in the sanctuary on the wall between the classrooms. It looks good there. What do you think of the changes? I also have plans to remodel the nursery. Hopefully that will happen soon!


sixwickerts said...

I think it looks lovely. Very warm.

gladbooks said...

It's very nice! I love the green, the painted words, the cross and the trim. Makes the room prettier. The missions display is nice too.

Andrew and Kendra said...

I like it! It is amazing to see the changes, but it is also amazing just to see this room again! So very familiar, yet it has been so many years!!