Friday, August 28, 2009

Various Happenings

Ashlen loved her first bites of real food! Yummy runny oatmeal! Her arms shook with excitement and anticipation as I brought the spoon toward her mouth, then she grabbed it and shoved it in! Yup, another Cooke kid who loves to eat!
Then she decided she needed some vegetables. She had fun licking the grass and clover on a nice sunny day.

One evening we had a picnic dinner with my parents at the lake. It was buggy, but beautiful! The kids of course couldn't stay out of the water, and had a great time splashing around. Brennen ended up falling in, and cried and cried. Big sister Meadow rescued him and brought him to shore, where he immediately stopped crying, and went straight back in, only to fall again! Meadow rescued him a second time. After that he stayed out!
The other night our nice new neighbors bravely invited us all over for root beer floats! Anyone recognize their lovely house? Krista and Stephanie are renting our apartment now!

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Anonymous said...

very cool pics Rodent!!!