Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Pets

We have a few new family members! Meadow takes good care of them. She plays them a lullaby from this music box each night before bed! We each chose a fish. Logan's is the grey one named Thunder And Lightning, Ashlen's is the white and yellow guppy named Lemon, Brennen and & each chose Neons named Flash and Flashy, Meadow's was the orange swordtail named Swimmy, and Matthew's is a Gourami down in the right corner named Daddy. Unfortunately Swimmy and one of the neons have since passed away. We plan to get new ones sometime. I like having fish again!

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Anonymous said...

That's sooo cool that you got fish! THey are very relaxing to watch! just make sure you clean the tank! Don't want any to "magically disappear" like what happened to me! I still don't understand how they jumped out of the tank and ran away!!!

Auntie Christy