Tuesday, October 16, 2007


It' s 4:30 AM, and my little lad is wide awake, so I guess it's a chance to do a new post. He's a good baby. Meadow and Logan still like him, but are still adjusting. Their behavior has been a lot worse than usual, and newly potty trained Meadow has stopped using the potty. But there are good things too. They love to help by throwing away dirty diapers for me, (they actually fight over that job!!), and by taking their plates and cups to the sink when they're done. It's very sweet. Logan had his first ER visit the other day. He tipped over in his high chair and fell straight back on his head! He cried for a long time, and then vomited, so we decided to take him in to get checked. Fortunately he was fine, but it sure scared mommy! Here's a picture of the kids in their Fine Line Custom Carpentry shirts I made them. (That's Matthew's construction business, in case you don't know.)

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Stan, Angie, Teagan, Blake and Penelope said...

What beautiful kids!! We like the name of Matthew's business. Is that what he is doing full time now? We hope you get some sleep!!