Monday, April 09, 2007

An Eventful Week

We celebrated our 6th anniversary on march 31! We had a nice dinner at Oceanview, then spent a kid-free night at Cape Fox (no Logy in the middle waking us up, pulling my hair...), then a nice breakfast at the restaurant. Matthew gets a special Alaska Airlines rate at the hotel so we like to use it!Grandma John stayed with the kids. After that we went home to figure out Quick Books...that was the most exciting and romantic of all! A few days later Logan finally learned how to crawl! He's much more content now and able to entertain himself longer which makes mommy very happy too! Then on Saturday I started down the hill of old age. I turned 31. We went to Emilee Caskey's 1st B-day party, then Matthew made a very nice dinner and even cleaned up afterwards! Then yesterday was Easter or Resurrection Sunday. I missed the breakfast at church, due to exhaustion from being up all night with a SCREAMING, hysterical Logan, (we have no idea why), and then was in the nursery for the service. Afterwards the 6 preggies posed for a picture, which can be viewed on Jenn and David's blog. Then we had a nice lunch at my parent's house with the Atteberrys and Birds, and all the grandparents of course!
Tuesday is Matthew's 30th birthday! (he likes prezzies!) He is starting the remodel of my parent's upstairs bathroom today, and plans to do that on his birthday too. We will post before and after pics. It will be beautiful! Logan's 1st birthday is coming up on the 20th! April is a busy month for us!


6wickerts said...

Happy late Birthday Caren. It sounds like it was a nice one!! Oh, and good for you for getting away for the night with your husband, I think that is a great think for all couples to do occasionally.

Jennifer Caskey said...

Wow you did have an eventful week. I didn't realize Saturday was your birthday. Wish I had known. Happy Late Birthday!!! I don't know what it was about Saturday night but Emilee was crying and hysterical too, was after midnight before I could get her to sleep. Happy birthday Matt.
Jennifer Caskey :0)

Derek Linder said...

Happy belated B-days to the both of you and a happy belated anniversary as well. Seems like just yesterday... ;)