Friday, July 21, 2006

Arizona trip

We just returned from a wonderful 5 days in Arizona! Our family arrived in Phoenix along with my parents, where we were blasted with 114 degree night! We visited some family and spent the night then drove to Tucson to meet William & Katie & kids! It was a little cooler in Tucson, around 100 degrees. (As you can see, five hot kids without their shirts!) We stayed at the Starr Pass Golf Suites, which was very nice! Meadow loved playing with her cousins. She and Lane spent the first 20 minutes just following each other around the room. The kids were very good about sharing their toys with Meadow. It was way too hot to do anything outside during the day but in the evenings we all enjoyed the nice big pool. One of the days there was a big thunderstorm which fascinated Meadow.


gpa john said...

We miss you all mucho. We are in Phoenix tonight and it was 120 degrees today. Down to a cool 108 tonight. Derek and I have been out in the heat for a few days taking airplane pics over fences. I've done amazingly well as long as I get some air conditioning every so often and keep up on fluids. Tomorrow we go to church with Maura in the morning, then Derek and I will finish up our bird watching, then Mom and I go to her dad's place. Monday we will head south for somewhere in the Tucson area. K,W& kiddos are having a great time in Ohio. Derek leaves Monday for home. Sure has been a great time down here. Bye for now. Dad

Miller Time said...

It looks like you guys had a great family time!! I can not believe how big William and Katie's kids are!! We're glad you were able to see them.

The Walkers said...

Matthew and Caren,

We just love all the cute photos of the kids and family. The airplane pictures and the picture with all the cousins are my favorites. Family is so important to us as well. How cool that you all could travel down to Arizona to hook up with William, Katie and the kids.



Jeremy and Kristi said...

I am envious! I want to be in Arizona in a pool right now! I am going through some major heat/sun withdrawls! I miss having a summer! Even though most of the US is scorching! I would trade that for rain and wind anyday!