Monday, January 16, 2006

Baby name poll results

First place so far is Heather Raine (3 votes)
Diaah has 2 votes too! Meadow will be glad.
Maegan Heather (1 vote- by Katie)
Hailey Raine (1 vote)
Willow Raine (1 vote)
The first name Heather has 5 votes, other suggestions for middle names are Ashlyn and Moor (as in a feild where heather grows-suggested by William who scoffs our nature names) -I kind of like it!
Raine as a middle name has 5 votes.
I will keep updating the results. Keep checking back!


Big Gpa said...


Big Gpa said...

Well, I'm confused but now it is working. Let me see... what did I say last time before the bolg ate it? Great site! I like Heather a lot. Raine is a bit new to me but I could get used to it if it is a middle name... Gpa John